There is a much more effective way to achieve dewy hydrated skin than drinking buckets of water. You are probably slightly sceptical of that statement. It doesn’t mean drinking the recommended two litres isn’t integral for the healthy functioning of your skin. Drinking enough water each day helps to improve your circulatory system which both feeds and detoxes the skin. Being the last organ to receive any water that you ingest and in much smaller quantities despite it being the biggest organ of the body however, means this does not keep your skin hydrated. This begs the question then, how do you achieve a dewy, glowing complexion that just yells healthy hydrated skin?

No matter how much water and moisture you attempt to infuse into the skin, if the skin’s barrier functions are impaired and damaged the skin’s ability to retain water and moisture is severely limited. Simply put, the water and moisture in the skin will evaporate, this is called transepidermal water loss (TEWL). At the centre of most skin conditions, TEWL compromises the structural integrity of the skin, most commonly resulting in inflammation, saggy skin, thickened red pores and in more severe cases eczema and psoriasis. In order to revise TEWL the skin’s internal structure known as the matrix needs to be strengthened before the free water levels in the skin can be increased. In order to do this without continuing the neverending cycle of hydrating the skin only to have it evaporate, is to simulate the skin’s protective barrier. DMK’s Herb & Mineral Mist and Solar Damage Gel are excellent for this, finishing with Hydroloc to help protect your skin from external factors. Now it is a matter of repairing the matrix.

Bound together by essential fatty acids (EFAs) the matrix is a jelly-like substance that the cells sit in. TEWL, as well as age, causes the matrix to become thinner and weaker and in order to rejuvenate it the body needs higher levels of EFAs. The word ‘essential’ refers to a substance that is not made by the body so needs to be supplied both topically and orally. This is why DMK formulated its own powerful plant based EFA supplement, EFA Ultra, it is also why it takes more than drinking water to hydrate the skin. Eating a balanced diet of lean protein, healthy fats and a colourful assortment of vegetables and fruits is integral to building and maintaining strong healthy structures and systems in the skin for a hydrated and dewy complexion.

With both real and simulated structures of the skin in place, the hydrating benefits of serums like Direct Delivery Vitamin C and moisturisers like Seba-E can help to replenish the free water levels. In turn this will restore the skin’s natural barrier function capabilities. Picture a clear glass with a thin layer of olive oil at bottom, as you start pouring water into the glass the oil will float to the top and as the water level rises the oil continues to be pushed up. This is how the free water levels, produced by the suderiferous glands, and the natural oils (sebum), ejected from the sebaceous oil glands, interact in your skin. Together, as they reach the surface of the skin, they inter-mingle and create what is known as the acid mantle, the skin’s natural protective barrier. The acid mantle works to protect the skin from external pollutants, dirt and bacteria, helps remove dead cell material from the epidermis and prevents water from evaporating from within the skin. Now your skin is all patched up and hydrated!

Keep your skin as well as your body hydrated and talk to your DMK Skin Revision Technician about what should make up your Hydration Station so you can have that beautiful dewy skin for summer.


• Cucumbers, melons, berries, and leafy greens are great hydrating foods, containing a 90% water content.

• Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, if you are experiencing itching after a hot shower or bath you need to reduce the temperature slightly.

• Hydrating serums and moisturisers need to be applied within two minutes of cleansing or showering to reduce the chance of water evaporating from the skin.

• Reduce the amount of alcohol, coffee and processed foods you are consuming as they dehydrate the body.

• Get plenty of sleep as this is when your body naturally heals and replenishes itself.

• A rooms humidity should be kept at 30% and at a comfortable temperature to keep the skin hydrated. Purchasing a humidifier is a great way to maintain these levels.

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