What is a Paramedical Skin Practitioner?

There is not a day where I don’t get asked what my role as a Paramedical Skin Practitioner is. My team and I love what we do and moving into summer it is always beneficial to remind our clients, their friends and those interested in our services how we could potentially assist them with improving their skin health.


Paramedical Aesthetics is a highly specialised field that moves the beauty business beyond maintenance, pampering or limited anti-ageing beauty treatments, bridging into a new realm of highly effective therapy and service. We KNOW and UNDERSTAND skin, and as Skin Practitioners we have acquired more advanced training and experience in the medical aspects that enable us to do our jobs well. 


We evaluate skin conditions and provide individualised, result-orientated solution options for clients, and all treatments are designed to remove, rebuild and protect the skin by way of improving skin and cellular function. You may also be interested to know that Practitioners are also involved in the pre-operation preparation for plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as immediate and long-term post-operative care.


At Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners we believe healthy skin is beautiful skin. Healthy cells = healthy skin = personal beauty and confidence. We offer targeted treatments for: freckles, rosacea, skin tags, sun spots, scar revision, pigmentation, vein reduction, laser hair reduction, fine lines and wrinkles.


Not only do my team and I enjoy our work immensely, we love to produce the results you are looking for. Everyone wants to see a change in their skin and feel healthier, happier and more confident. It is our pleasure to offer you everything we can to help you achieve your skin goal and ultimately impact your life in a healthy and positive way.


“For the health of your skin”


At Integrity Skin Clinic we would love to show you what our range of clinical services can do for you!
If you have questions, please feel free to send a message to Client Services or call 07 3849 4111


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