venous lake

Venous Lake

Q: What is a venous lake?


Venous lake is commonly a small, dark blue papule found on the borders of the lips, face and ears, usually in sun exposed areas. Venous lakes are dark blue or purple nodules caused by a collection of blood. Though venous lakes may develop anywhere on the body, they are most often seen on the lower lips. Venous lakes are often soft and squashable and can vary in size, ranging from 0.2 to 1 cm in diameter.


Q: Who can get venous lake?


Venous lake has unknown causes but is usually associated with sun exposure. Venous lakes are often found in all ages and ethnicity.


Q: What are the health risks?


Venous lake has no health risks; at least none have been found so far. The only reason to request treatment is cosmetic. Also, the varix in general may develop thrombosis, and they become much firmer in consistency and increase in size. The venous lake is usually within a range of 0.2-1cm in size. The lesions are asymptomatic and are usually removed for cosmetic reasons as they enlarge.


Q: What are the treatments?


The most commonly and safest treatment for venous lake is laser therapy. Other options may apply, such as surgical excision, but this will take longer to heal and possibly leave a scar.

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