How did we get to “silly season” again so quickly? Yet it’s here, so let’s celebrate it with our friends and families in true Aussie Chrissie style (without falling off the wagon)!

I thought I’d offer a few tips on how to keep healthy during the Christmas holiday period from a Nutritionist’s point of view:

1. Never and I mean NEVER drink alcohol on an empty stomach! It never ends well (trust me)! Have a healthy and nutritious meal to line your stomach and help metabolise the alcohol before leaving the house to join your work mates for the office Christmas party. By that I mean some good quality protein such as a piece of chicken, mixed veggies and brown rice. This will keep you fuller for longer, to avoid needing your Uber driver to stop at the nearest greasy kebab joint on the way home. If you’re going out for dinner, have a snack such as hummus and brown rice crackers before you get there, as we usually like to start with a drink (or 2) before food which is never a good idea.

2. Always drink plenty of water, before, during and after drinking alcohol. Staying hydrated is essential while drinking as it will help to prevent that horrible hang over! I always try to have glass for glass – 1 glass of water to every 1 glass of alcohol. Ask your friends to help remind each other to do the same. I always take an electrolyte supplement before sleeping if I’ve had a couple of drinks; it also really helps to reduce a hangover. If you’ve accidentally over indulged and wake up with a huge banging hangover, head straight for an electrolyte or a glass of coconut water, it’s the best cure!

3. Don’t forget to exercise! I find it easiest to do mine in the morning, otherwise I get busy or suddenly remember that party I’ve been invited to and run out of time to fit it in that day. If you manage to fit in your morning workout and you indulge on a slice of Chrissie cake or a glass of champus, you won’t feel so guilty and your waistline will be a little more forgiving.
4. Don’t wear super loose clothing for Chrissie lunch or dinner! This will allow you to over indulge because you’re hiding under there! Wear something comfortable but form-fitting, so you are mindful about over eating.

5. Don’t forget your dancing shoes! Wear comfy shoes so you can get up and dance off those excess calories and alcohol instead of sitting in your chair with those enormous stilettos (the kind that only allow you to walk from car to chair) that no one will see under the table anyway! Plus, dancing is more social and will bring more opportunity to talk and network with your colleagues!

6. Always leave room for “veggies” NOT “dessert”. Fill up on good food so there isn’t much room left over for the not so healthy stuff.

7. Most of all Stay safe and have fun with your colleagues, friends and family! Look out for one another!

Samantha xx
Integrity Nutritionist