Spider Naevi

Q: What is spider naevi?

Spider naevi, also known as spider angioma, is a collection of small dilated blood vessels that are very close to the surface of the skin, which gives it a web-like appearance visible through the skin.


Q: Who can get spider naevi?

Pretty much anyone can get it. Spider naevi is a common condition, present in around 10–15% of healthy individuals. Risk factors include age, obesity, sun exposure and hormonal changes. Liver diseases may also cause spider naevi.


Q: What are the health risks?

Spider naevi usually does not carry any health risks, but it can sometimes be related to liver disease. If the spider naevi are burning, itching or if there are more than three at any given time, you should see a doctor as they are likely caused by liver disease.


Q: What are the treatments for spider naevi?

Treatment is usually not required as it will go away on its own, if not caused by a liver disease. If you choose to treat spider naevi, laser treatment is usually the way to go, but it can cause some pain and discomfort.

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