shaving tips for men

Skin Healthy Shaving Tips for Men

Facial hair can be some of the toughest hair on the whole body. Gents, for a close, comfortable shave we recommend following these Skin Healthy Shaving Tips for Men:


1. Wash your face with your recommended facial cleanser and warm water. Rinse really well. This will remove oils from the hair and your skin.


2. Wash a second time and leave the cleanser on for 3 minutes to soften your whiskers. Better yet, cleanse and shave after your shower when the hair is soft from the cleanser and warm water. The benefits of this?


• Keeps moisture on your skin and hair to enhance softening
• Reduces friction caused by the razor going over your skin’s surface
• Easily carries away debris/hair removed by the razor blade
• Enables you to see the area already shaved
• Your recommended facial cleanser keeps your skin PH balanced.


3. Remember to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Take your time and shave carefully over sensitive areas. After going one way, for a closer shave, carefully shave against the grain of your hair growth.


4. Immediately rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any traces of cleanser and debris.


5. Complete your shaving regimen with a recommended hydrating serum and moisturiser to soothe and protect sensitive areas. Skin can be irritated easily, so use an appropriate regime after shaving if you have sensitive skin.


6. Always apply a facial, full spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin after shaving. Protecting our skin lowers the risk of more irritation and premature ageing and promotes a smooth, natural look.


7. Always use a clean, sharp blade. Newer blades require less force to cut through the hair than dull blades. Since you do not need much pressure with a new blade, you’ll reduce the risk of nicks and cuts. Wet shaving is one hair removal technique that can be efficient and painless if the proper technique is followed.


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