red spots on your body

Red Spots On Your Body

Every now and then weird and unrecognisable spots pop up on our skin out of nowhere! While most skin growths are harmless, some can be dangerous. We always recommend seeing a skin cancer specialist regularly to ensure your skin’s safety. But for those benign skin abnormalities, we can help.

At times we will have a speck of skin rise above the surface. Sometimes these surface lumps are warts, moles, seborrheic keratoses (Seb K’s) or skin tags. Men and women can grow these skin lesions out of nowhere, with no medically known cause for some moles.


Now onto these red spots. It is important to be informed when it comes to skin growths, especially the ones that haven’t always been there. The red spots we’re discussing most commonly appear on people over the age of 30. However, it is still possible for them to show up in adolescents and children too. Dermatologists explain that the red spots are small capillary dilations. We call them angioma or cherry angiomas. The capillary dilations occur as a result of vascular system malfunctions and sometimes are exacerbated by impaired skin health. You most commonly see them on the upper arms and on the chest, either scattered around or packed tightly in together.


There is no reason to worry about these red spots as they are 100% benign. However, if these red spots are a cosmetic issue for you, you can have them lasered or micro surgically removed. The method of removal will be determined once you see a skin practitioner who specialises in cosmetic benign skin lesion removal. Safe to say, when the removals are done properly you will have minimal or no downtime and no scarring.


Speak to our skin practitioners today! We love helping you achieve your skin goals.


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