Your skin and lasers

Lasers have multiple uses in clinics; they are used for the reduction of redness, pigmentation, premature ageing and collagen induction. Unfortunately, people are quickly misled about what can be achieved with lasers...
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laser confidence

Laser Confidence

More people are choosing the ‘laser end’of the non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatment spectrum. Muscle relaxants and fillers may have gone mainstream but more people are realising good skin is the cornerstone of ageing beautifully.
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Protecting Your Skin

According to experts, most of the changes seen in ageing skin are caused by a lifetime of sun damage. With the beautiful autumn weather upon us, ensure you still protect yourself from the sun to maintain and improve the health of your skin.
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Smooth Out Stubborn Scars

Acne…chicken pox…surgical scars, even stretch marks; no matter what kind of scar it is, it can make you feel self-conscious and not so pretty. Well, it's time to bring back your confidence and strut your stuff! But, you say, your scars have not...
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