“When I first went in for the treatment I was told that this was going to be a journey, that it was going to be a progression and that there was no overnight quick fix.”

HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH DMK? My experience was amazing, it was amazing on two levels. What DMK managed to do for my skin, the transition from before to now, is incredible. The ‘changing lives from the inside out,’ is true, it is categorically what DMK does. DMK was realistic and really honest with me throughout the process. When I first went in for the treatment I was told that this was going to be a journey, that it was going to be a progression and that there was no overnight quick fix. That kind of honesty was something that I really appreciated throughout this experience, what they told me would happen, happened. It was an incredibly positive experience for both my skin and for my mental health.

DO YOU REMEMBER HOW YOU FELT BEFORE YOU STARTED WITH DMK? At that point in my life I had given up. I had given up on my skin being good, I had given up on the idea of feeling good. I just remember being inside a lot, only going to work and then going home, and not really wanting to be out in the world like I used to be.

AND HOW DID YOU FEEL, BEING ALMOST THIRTY YEARS OLD AND GETTING ACNE? That was something that was very difficult to process because I had never experienced acne, not even as a teenager so going through that was shocking and humbling at my age. I thought that getting acne at this stage meant that I was going to have acne ridden skin for life. To look at how I was feeling then compared to now after going through this experience, it has turned everything around.

DO YOU FEEL MORE CONFIDENT? Yes. Categorically yes. I feel confident in a lot of different ways. I feel aesthetically more confident, I don’t have bad skin that is weighing me down. Even just the process of going through the treatments and learning how to look after my skin gave me confidence. DMK taught me how to manage so many underlying issues that weren’t even related to my acne. Moving forward I know I am going to have great skin for the rest of my life, I feel really confident knowing my acne is gone and in that I now know how to look after myself. It is also great knowing that I will be ageing in a much better way than I would have if I had not come to experience DMK.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR HOME PRESCRIPTIVE REGIMEN, DID YOU STICK TO IT HOW DID YOU FEEL ABOUT IT? The whole process was definitely an adjustment because before this experience my routine was just a pump of moisturiser and I was done. Now I use five or six DMK products and it feels good! Going through the motions of applying each product is therapeutic and then when I get to the final product my skin feels great!

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ENZYME THERAPY? It is unlike anything I have experienced before. My first DMK Enzyme treatment was a bit shocking, the hardening of the masque can feel a bit like you are being encased in concrete, but you can immediately feel the active ingredients in the masque start to work. It feels like all the bad things in the skin are being flushed out and that there is this renewal of blood or oxygen making it worth every moment of constriction. For me personally I don’t get claustrophobic, so it never worried me, I always found it to be a fun experience and I always enjoyed it. I think it is an excellent treatment, it is something that I would highly recommend.

TELL US WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THE REMODELLING PROCEDURE (RP) PEEL? The RP peel, alright. My initial comment would be that it was really intense. You have to be prepared for what you are going to go through, which at DMK I had a lot of great people supporting me and explaining what to expect. It is really intense, but I was mentally ready for it and it is all for a insanely good result. The RP peel was probably the turning point for me during my treatments, afterwards I could look at my skin and see that there were really noticeable changes, really tangible differences.

WHAT DIFFERENCES? My acne went away after the RP peel. While establishing a DMK regime that worked for me I had a lot of congestion that was reoccurring in the first five or six weeks of treatments but when I had the RP peel my acne didn’t carry on from that point. My treatments became more about managing scarring and other skin concerns I had. It really was the pivotal moment where I think I went from suffering from acne to having acne that was being treated. While the RP peel was a very intense experience and you do have to be mentally ready for it, it was the highlight of my DMK experience.

“DMK taught me how to manage so many underlying issues that weren’t even related to my acne.”

NOW THAT YOUR ACNE IS GONE ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE WITH DMK? I will definitely continue with DMK, I am a hard core convert now. To see my skin improve so much using DMK, I would be crazy not to be progressing down this path with DMK. It will be my skincare for the rest of my life. Not only because of how it revised my acne but for the other benefits as well, like how good my skin looks and feels. I believe in the products, I believe in the people, I will definitely be a DMKer forever.

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