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How to DIY LIRA SPA pedicure at home

1. Remove any remnants from your last pedicure by dipping a cotton pad in acetone-free vegan-friendly nail polish remover (I am a big fan of Gloss and co. water-based nail polish remover). Hold the pad over each nail for a few seconds, let the old polish break down then wipe until all lacquer has been removed.

2. Set up your home pedicure so it feels like a gorgeous spa with an essential oil candle, cup of herbal tea and relaxing tunes. Pour a generous amount of SPA Brightening Cleanser into a large bowl or bath of warm water and soak for a few minutes taking this time to relax.

3. Pat dry your feet after your soak and rub in the SPA Smoothing Scrub. The trick to this part of the treatment is to massage your feet whilst you apply this scrub making sure you focus on areas of your feet, such as the heels, that are likely to need more attention. Add drops of water to the scrub to help prevent it drying out. Place your feet back into the warm water and rinse thoroughly.

4. Remove your feet from the spa water. Push back your cuticles and trim them. Dry and trim and shape your toenails with nail clippers and a file.

5. Massage your feet with the SPA Nourishing Oil beginning with your toes, then feet and calves. Remove any excess oil from your nails that may prevent your nail lacquer from sticking.

6. Apply a layer of base coat, separate your toes with toe separators or rolled up paper towel, and apply two thin coats of lacquer – letting the first layer of lacquer dry before you start the next. Finish with a top coat to seal in the lacquer.

7. Create a luminous feet and leg finish by adding a small amount of SPA Silk Souffle. Massage lightly to absorb and refresh your beautiful legs and feet. 

Enjoy skin health lovers!

Claire xox 

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