skin health tips for men

Five Skin Health Tips For Men

At the time when men start to think about their muscles and hairstyles, the majority are considering their skin’s appearance as well. From corporate to trades, men from all walks of life are beginning to take a lot more interest in the health of their skin. We think it could come down to society’s general health awareness and the ever need for self confidence too. Health = Beauty = Confidence = Stud Muffin!


Women want our guys to look the part and we are encouraging them to take care of themselves. After all it’s not that glam going out with your man and his gazillion blackhead friends, slippery face or a sun kissed V-neck!


So what about the guys on the fence? You know the ones who want to but don’t know how, what, where or even why? How do we subtly guide them in the direction of good skin care for healthy skin? Here are 5 little hints that could in fact work:


1. Choose for him a gentle but foaming cleanser; the more it lathers the more fun! He will love the feeling, just like soap. Leave it in the shower and tell him it’s his new shaving cream. Cleansers make for excellent shaving cream and don’t disturb the skin’s balance at all.


2. Encourage him to apply a daily serum with AHA instead of harsh scrubs to remove blackheads, and stop him once and for all FROM using your body buff!


3. Mattifying moisturiser with SPF lowers the risk of skin cancer and he won’t even think it’s a “moisturiser”. One product – dual purpose – practical. Men love practical.


4. Men LOVE eye cream! Go figure! As soon as you put eye cream on he loves the feeling, but moreover he loves looking into the mirror to see if his fine lines are disappearing.


5. Purchase a vitamin A cream for night use. This will help regulate oil, repair the skin while he sleeps and help with sun damage. Getting a great quality, transdermal cream will never make him feel greasy; he will love it. He will always wake up fresh faced.


Tell him how great he is looking every time he finishes the regime, ladies. Tell him he looks younger, cleaner and more awake. He will love the attention. Next up? How to stop your man stealing YOUR products!!

Claire xox

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