Look fierce this summer with our DMK Cosmetics step by step tutorial for the Bronze Glamazon look. This look wants to have elements of gold, it needs some shimmer, it has highlights to really make those cheek bones pop, and it also brings a warmth and dewiness to the skin. Anyone can be a Bronze Glamazon, even those with a fair and dry complexion, it is all in how you prep the skin.

FAIR SKIN If you do have a fairer skin tone then we suggest you do get a natural looking fake tan as it will make it easier to achieve this look. Check out DMK’s tips for the perfect fake tan in our Golden Summer article.

DRY SKIN For people with a nice oil flow already they will get that nice dewy look once the secretions have moved through the foundation. For those who don’t we suggest applying Seba-E with Herb & Mineral Mist, letting them absorb into the skin before starting to apply your DMK Cosmetics (DMKC).

1. Now that the skin is properly prepped start by applying your DMKC primer followed by an even coat of DMKC foundation that has been colour matched to your skin by your DMK Skin Technician.

2. Next let’s start bringing that warmth into the skin with the DMKC HD Dark Translucent powder using the DMKC Powder Puff or the medium Powder Brush. This translucent powder is not designed to give the dramatic look that a bronzer would provide but it creates just the right amount of warmth.

3. Let’s highlight those beautiful features! Take your DMKC HiLites and LoLites pallets for ready for the next couple of steps. Selecting to use either the Yellow HiLite or our special Orange HiLite, sweep a small amount to the top of the brows and cheek bones with your small or large Foundation Brush. Blend them in nicely so they no longer appear to be harsh lines but still highlight the structures when seen from different angles.

4. Time for contouring. Use either the Special Dark HiLite or Lite Café LoLite to add an element of depth to your contouring, brushing just under the cheek bones. This will add another level of warmth while sculpting your features even more, making them pop. You can also apply it along the hair and jaw line to give the allusion of a more oval face.

5. Don’t forget the eyes. To really double down on your bronze glow, add a little extra Special Dark HiLite or Lite Café LoLite to your eyelids. Or for more golden tones take DMKC’s Coral Sun lipstick and apply it like a cream eyeshadow using your clear HD Dark Translucent powder to set it. Use on your lips as well, Coral Sun is a fantastic colour for the ultimate summer lip.

6. Finishing touch, from an arms distance away spray Herb & Mineral Mist for a fine spritz to set and complete your Bronze Glamazon look!

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