Over the past few years rather than baking themselves in the sun, people are opting to fake it. With so many fake tanning products available, from instant spray and foam tans to gradual tanning moisturisers, it is easy to achieve a golden glow while protecting your skin from the damaging rays. Gone are the days of rolling around like a rotisserie with the bikini straps pushed down because faking it looks so much better!

For a beautifully even, golden glow this summer it is important to prep and care for your skin properly. Most fake tanning products contain the active ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which generates its “tanned” colour by chemically reacting with the amino acids in the dead layer (the stratum corneum) of the skin’s surface – making the longevity of any tan only as good as the skin’s underlying hydration levels and overall health.

Before applying any fake tan use Hydra Louffa to desquamate any dead skin cells without the irritation and damage that an abrasive exfoliant can cause. It will extend the longevity of the tan and ensure that as it does fade, it does so evenly without any patchiness. This shower gel is also great for preventing ingrown hairs and folliculitis, as well as cleansing away the salt, sweat, and chlorine that often accompanies summer days. You will be bump, lump and breakout free while ensuring you have the perfect tan without the sun damage. Hydra Louffa is your savvy secret weapon for having a golden summer.

Did you know that while you sleep, your skin is in rest-and-repair mode – making it the perfect time to support your tanning efforts through increasing your skin’s free water levels with Maximum Moisture!

Golden rule of tanning – it’s all about the canvas!

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