Glitter, rhinestones, lush lashes, bright colours and striking eyeliner, this season bold is the word when it comes to eye makeup. Bringing new meaning to the term Makeup Artist the creative use of geometric eyeliner outside of the lines, sparkling details and mermaid like eyeshadow shout summer. Before you apply the primer and start experimenting let’s first get the skin around your eyes looking as healthy and bright as possible, so your design can shine.

Early signs of ageing often first start appearing around the eyes; fine lines, sagging skin, and swollen dark circles, they can all make you look tired and older than you actually are. Don’t lose sleep over it making the dark circles worse, we have some easy tricks to brighten and tighten your eyes.

● To reduce swelling and dark circles around the eyes soak chamomile or green tea bags and chill them in the refrigerator before placing over the eyes.

● Everyone’s favourite, chilled cucumber! It will help your tired eyes feel refreshed.

● Stress, depression and just the exhaustion of a hectic lifestyle can cause dark circles, try adding just ten minutes of meditation each day or join a yoga class as a form of rejuvenating relaxation.

● Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and other hydrating ingredients DMK’s Eye Tone revises dark circles and wrinkles, rebuilding the fragile skin and strengthening the capillaries around the eyes. Encouraging optimal functioning of the skin Eye Tone helps it to act and look as it did when it was younger.

● Last but definitely not least, sleep is your best friend when it comes to keeping the skin around your eyes looking fresh and youthful. Now that you have the tools for bright and tight skin around the eyes you will have the best canvas to experiment on with all the fantastically bold eye makeup that is on trend this summer. Have fun!

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