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Have you over indulged during the holidays? Have you put on a little weight? Are you feeling sluggish, bloated or tired, do you have any digestive symptoms or are you generally feeling just ‘yuck’?


A comprehensive personalised detox plan and prescription can reset your body’s systems and help you feel cleansed and healthy again.

Why should I do a personalised detox?


Detoxification is actually something our bodies do on their own all day long to eliminate toxins via certain organs and to restore our cells back to optimum health again. Certain factors such as environmental exposure, certain medications or simply the food/drinks we consume can hinder our detoxification processes. A full comprehensive detox does not just involve taking a bunch of over the counter or online supplements. Completing a full comprehensive detoxification plan tailored to each individual (available by appointment only) can assist your body and its vital organs to effectively eliminate toxins and to restore your body back to optimum health.


More technically, a detox can help:

1. Reduce toxic burden and in turn increase toxic resistance

2. Support detoxification pathways

3. Neutralise free radicals

4. Eliminate waste products

5. Eliminate pathogens


Some of the positive side effects of undergoing a detox could be a flatter stomach, feeling light, energetic and sometimes even weight loss.


If you have any of the symptoms above or if you want to commit to improving your health as a New Years’ resolution, book your appointment to see me today!


Love and Health,

Samantha Marsh

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

Integrity Nutritionist

At Integrity Skin Clinic we would love to show you what our range of clinical services can do for you!
If you have questions, please feel free to send a message to Client Services or call 07 3849 4111


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