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Collagen Induction Therapy – CIT

Collagen Induction Therapy, or CIT, is a medical procedure that improves our looks by rejuvenating our skin and allowing it to heal itself, giving us a younger and fresher look. CIT is a minimally invasive procedure that rarely has any type of negative consequences.


The treatment itself usually includes the use of a medical device in the form of a roller with many micro needles on it. The micro needles puncture the skin in a very slight way, creating a controlled wound on the skin. This small wound then makes the skin produce more collagen and elastin, which in return ‘rejuvenates’ the skin, making it stronger, better looking and more resistant.


The same effect can be achieved with Laser Genesis™ which uses a laser instead of micro-needles. Both treatments aim to reduce wrinkles, scars and other imperfections while strengthening the skin with the use of our own genetic potential.


They are essentially a way to treat the skin without using strong intervention and by basically allowing it to heal itself, by stimulating its natural elements. These procedures usually work better on skin that is damaged – even if it’s just ageing damage from the sun.


CIT needs to be done over a variety of sessions (usually between 4 and 6) in order for the body to heal itself with the extra collagen and elastic and actually produce a visible result. An interval of at least 4 to 6 weeks is required to allow the skin the time to heal naturally. Then it will be ready to be damaged in a controlled manner again, allowing your skin to produce collagen.


After all of the required sessions, many skin practitioners advise their patients to perform maintenance sessions in 6 to 12 month intervals in order for the results to stay visible.
Collagen Induction Therapy is a chemical-free, non-invasive treatment, allowing multiple, safe treatments.


Qualified skin practitioners make sure the needling disposable devices are are sterilised, preventing skin infections. On rare occasions, if the area isn’t properly taken care of after each session, secondary effects may occur such as swelling, milia (a small cyst) and some types of skin infections like cold sores.


Before deciding on Collagen Induction Therapy, talk to your paramedical skin practitioner in order to evaluate whether or not you are an ideal candidate.

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