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skin redness

Skin Redness

Laser treatments for skin redness Our licensed skin and laser practitioners provide precision laser treatments for today’s most common skin redness aesthetic and dermatologic red skin concerns to quickly give you a clean, clear and even complexion. Most treatments only take a few minutes. Q: What is excel V™? A: excel V™ is the most advanced […]

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Q: What is sebaceous hyperplasia? Sebaceous hyperplasia is a condition where sebaceous glands appear in the skin. These glands produce a substance called sebum, which is oily in its consistency. Sebaceous hyperplasia is characterised by yellowish eruptions in the skin, usually in the face.   Q: Are you likely to get sebaceous hyperplasia? Fair-skinned individuals

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Acne Scars

Q: What are acne scars? Acne scars are scars that were formed in an area where acne breakouts penetrated the skin deeply and the body was unable to properly take care of the problem, either by producing too much or too little collagen.   Q: Who can get acne scars? Anyone with a strong acne

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Q: What is telangiectasia? Telangiectasia is a condition in which blood vessels widen, causing small red or purple clusters to appear gradually on the skin. These are usually spidery in appearance; hence, the nickname off ‘spider veins’.   Q: Are you likely to experience telangiectasia? The exact cause of telangiectasia is unknown, but it’s believed

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Q: What is a sunburn? Sunburn is a burn caused by overexposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation. These radiation burns commonly occur when we spend too much time in the sun.   Q: How likely are you to get sunburned? Anyone can get sunburned, but some people have less resistant skin.   Q: What

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sun spots


Q: What is a sunspot? A sunspot is a small darkened brown spot that appears on the skin after long exposure to the sun. Once they start to appear, they’ll get darker with more sun exposure.   Q: Are you likely to develop sunspots? It depends upon your skin and how exposed you are to

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Q: What is pigmentation? Pigmentation/hyperpigmentation is the abnormal colouring of a person’s skin in certain areas, usually small patches. It can, however, also cover large areas of the body. It is caused by too much melanin on the surface of the skin.   Q: Are you likely to have pigmentation? Pigmentation is caused by excessive

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skin tags

Skin Tags

Q: What are skin tags?A skin tag is essentially a small patch of soft skin that looks like it is hanging. Essentially, it is a small piece of skin growth.   Q: Are you likely to get skin tags?Almost everyone develops a skin tag at some point in their life, but some people tend to

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Spider Naevi

Q: What is spider naevi? Spider naevi, also known as spider angioma, is a collection of small dilated blood vessels that are very close to the surface of the skin, which gives it a web-like appearance visible through the skin.   Q: Who can get spider naevi? Pretty much anyone can get it. Spider naevi

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