infrared therapy

Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy enhances and improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, which conveys oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing. It supports our lymphatic system, helping us heal and helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect us from oxidative stress.

woman and bubbles

5 Easy Steps to Total Body Skincare

As soon as we turn 25, our bodies begin losing 1% of its collagen annually. If you’re doing the math in your head like we did when we discovered that shocking fact, you may also be starting to understand the importance of total body anti-aging skin care.

cherry angioma

Cherry Angiomas explained

Cherry angiomas are common, harmless spots. It is not necessary to remove them. However, if you do wish to remove these spots, it is important to visit a qualified practitioner for an assessment and treatment.

saint minerals

Skin health and the Saint Minerals movement

Here’s Why I Chose to Became Part of the “Saint Minerals Movement.” Saint Minerals is a consciously created, gender-neutral, clean beauty mineral makeup I love prescribing in clinic. It’s a cruelty-free, vegan-complementing, earth-loving and such a diverse, uncomplicated mineral make-up range. The makeup can be flawlessly applied solo, layered or combined to create the most …

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lira chemical skin peels

Resurface and Re-invigorate your skin with our range of Lira Clinical Smart Peels

Home care products are extremely important and part of our protocols to ensure your skin is prepared and provide continued results after having a skin peel.   Lira Clinical Smart Peel Resurfacing Treatments Many skin conditions can cause your skin to appear dull, wrinkled, spotty, prematurely aged, scarred or uneven.   Our customised Lira Clinical …

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apple peel skin

Jessner Skin Peel Explained

One peel can vary from the next depending on skin type, skin goals, and the specific acids used. Initial assumptions are that chemical peels were one-size-fits-all (and likely bound for tragedy). Now there’s so much science involved. It’s all incredibly strategic, which is why it’s imperative to only ever see a qualified practitioner.   Thus, …

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