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Boost your skin health & wellness with a Korean Half Bath

  1. Add 2 Tbsp of the SPA Body Smoothing Scrub and 2 Tbsp of the SPA Body Brightening Cleanser to a half-drawn hottish bath making sure the water level when sitting doesn’t go any higher than your belly button. Swirl the bath water around to mix this lovely cocktail.

  2. Merge yourself into the bath leaving the top half of your body above the water line. The most comfortable way to sit in this bath is with your arms resting over the sides.

  3. Sit for 15 to 20 minutes, or however long you can last. The contrast in temperature between the top and lower parts of your body is what helps boost circulation. It’s not unusual to perspire so don’t worry if you do. As long as you feel invigorated.

  4. Wash yourself off before leaving the bath.

  5. Once you get out of the bath, towel dry and brush your body with a dry body brush to stimulate drainage from the lymphatic system and further increase circulation and blood flow.

  6. Continue your treatment with an application of SPA Body Firming Lotion to your upper arms, tummy and thighs. Once this has been massaged in, apply full-body moisturising blend, mixing 1 Tbsp of SPA Body Nourishing Oil and 1 Tbsp of SPA Body Silk Souffle to uplift and re-energise.

  7. Complete your at home spa treatment with a refreshing cup of peppermint or chamomile herbal tea. Residual effects of this bath can include improved skin tone, feelings of relaxation and a better night’s sleep.

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