ageing gracefully

Ageing Gracefully

We all know that ageing is a natural process that occurs to every single one of us, and to everything around us: Our cars break down when old, objects lose quality as they age, and even food becomes rotten. As for us, 50 years from now we’re going to be incredibly different to what we are right now. The good news is that armed with some knowledge on extrinsic and intrinsic ageing, and adopting a few simple good skincare habits, you can control 90% of the ageing process!


What’s actually happening?

The ageing process takes place on a daily basis and very, very slowly it starts taking a toll on our skin until we notice the changes. You see, the ageing process damages our DNA, proteins, enzymes and other properties in our skin. This damage then shows itself physically on our skin.

Usually, we’re able to see this type of damage on the skin’ surface as wrinkles, loss of firmness, lack of a soft texture and even in the colour of our skin as it gains spots, gets an uneven tone and starts getting dull. These changes are the result of a loss of collagen, elastin, nutrients and the effectiveness of our immune system.


The two types of ageing

Many of us think that ageing is just genetics and ‘you can’t fight nature’. Well, that’s not quite true. The ageing process within the skin takes place in two ways: Intrinsic Ageing and Extrinsic Ageing. And with one of these there is definitely something you can do.


• Intrinsic ageing

This is the “good” type of ageing (good, meaning ‘natural’) that we really can’t do anything about as it is hard-wired in our genes. Also called ‘chronological ageing’, intrinsic ageing inevitably starts usually in the mid-20s and shows itself in a strong manner at roughly 60.

Intrinsic ageing brings about the slow degeneration of our physical and mental capabilities. The good news is that it accounts roughly for only 10% of the whole ageing process that takes place in our bodies.


• Extrinsic ageing

Extrinsic ageing, on the other hand, accounts for around 90% of the ageing process. This is ageing caused by the environment and our own lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, too much sunbathing without the use of proper sunscreen, not taking care of our skin and so on.


The exciting thing about extrinsic ageing is that we can control it, and it isn’t that hard to do. All we need to do is apply sunscreen to protect ourselves from UV rays, quit smoking, reduce or even quit drinking alcohol and start eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidants (think fresh fruit and vegetables) and healthy fats (such as in fish, grass-fed beef, avocados and nuts). And keep well hydrated!


Adopting a prescribed skin care routine and seeing a qualified skin practitioner will go a long way to ensuring your skin is not taking the ‘fast track’ to ageing! If you’ve been on a skin care plan but ‘fell off the wagon’, now’s the time to get back on track.


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