It’s the time of New Year’s resolutions where everyone is feeling a strange mixture of hopefulness, excitement, guilt, and uncertainty. Let us just flick away that guilt and uncertainty and rather than tell you about what you can accomplish in a year with DMK, we’ll show you. In 2019 this could be your own skin transformation experience!

‘Ben had acne since he was about fourteen but it got really bad when he was fifteen and started taking Roaccutane on and off for three years, which made him very unwell and dried out his skin. Ben had tried various brands, but nothing worked. His self-esteem was really low, and he refused to look for any more treatment options. That was until he saw the difference DMK made to his younger brother’s acne ridden skin and he came in for a consultation. A year later and his skin has improved massively, it is healthy and clear, and Ben has become a devoted DMKer.’ — Ben (pg. 45)
‘Going through acne is the worst! I remember when I broke out really badly for the first time at the beginning of 2016 and how it just kept getting worse and worse. I used to cry every night thinking why is my skin like this! After my fourth DMK Enzyme alongside two needling treatments my skin started clearing up, month to month I was seeing a huge difference. My face was pimple free by 2017 and I have not had one breakout since! I’m comfortable and confident in my own skin thanks to DMK and my DMK Skin Revision Technician.’ — Lexi (pg. 43)

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