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5 Easy Steps to Total Body Skincare



One of the most common misconceptions in cosmetics is that skincare stops at the face. In reality, the effects of aging can be observed all over your body and most noticeably, in the upper arms, breasts, and buttocks.


As soon as we turn 25, our bodies begin losing 1% of its collagen annually. If you’re doing the math in your head like we did when we discovered that shocking fact, you may also be starting to understand the importance of total body anti-aging skin care.

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It’s also important to keep in mind that full-body skincare is much more than just a body moisturiser. That’s why Lira Clinical developed a comprehensive approach to professional body care which includes a full-body skincare line, home care system, and several incredibly effective treatments.


The beauty of Lira Clinical’s professional body care methodology is that it combines the importance of maintaining healthy skin all over your body with the relaxing indulgence of the spa experience.
Professional full-body skincare is in large part about keeping your complete skin microbiome in a state of balance. With that in mind, Lira Clinical has developed these five easy steps to get started on your full-body skin care journey:

– Scrub
– Cleanse
– Firm
– Hydrate
– Treat


An easy way to remember it is “Skincare from head to toe,” because your skin is all over your body, and all of it should be properly cared for. When combined with Lira Clinical’s revolutionary SPA Line, these steps will provide the rejuvenated, brightened, tightened, and nourished skin you can only get from a day at the spa.

1. Scrub


When beginning your full-body skin health routine, it’s important to start with a blank canvas. That means you first need to scrub away the dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that can accumulate on your skin and potentially clog your pores.


We recommend using the SPA Smoothing Scrub. Unlike many exfoliators, its mix of coconut sugar, papyrus plant stem cells, and natural oils from both hemp and coconut not only smooth away rough skin anywhere on your body, but they also hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and polished.

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2. Cleanse


Once you have properly exfoliated, it’s time to even out that new layer of skin with a brightening cleanser. And, since exfoliated skin has a lower pH balance, cleansers like the SPA Brightening Cleanser produce more noticeable and effective correction benefits.


The SPA Brightening Cleanser uses lactic acid, as well as a naturally powerful blend of plant-based oils and plant stem cells, to even out skin tone while beginning to firm up the fresh layer of skin. This is a formula inspired by the science behind ancient Egyptian milk baths – a health treatment that was both luxurious and great for your skin.

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3. Firm

Now that your skin has been beautifully prepped and cleansed, it’s time to begin repairing problem areas with the power of science and nature.

If your goal is reducing the appearance of skin dimpling and cellulite that comes with aging skin, your best recourse for this step is the SPA Firming Lotion. By increasing the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in your skin (microcirculation) and breaking down fats through increased hydration (lipolysis), the SPA Firming Lotion rejuvenates your skin and fights problematic signs of aging.

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4. Hydrate

It’s certainly no secret within the world of skincare that the key to both balancing and restoring skin is proper hydration. After all, when your skin is properly hydrated it allows your body’s natural reparative processes to work at peak efficiency.


So, when it’s time to support the rejuvenating processes initiated in the last step, there’s no better option than the SPA Silk Soufflé. This soft, whipped body crème is infused with silk, nourishing vitamins, and botanical oils that elevates your skin to its optimal hydration point while simultaneously locking in moisture, so your skin stays smooth as silk.

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5. Treat


This final step is aptly named since you’ll not only be providing powerfully hydrating treatment to your skin, you’ll also be treating yourself to undeniably soft, healthy skin. The purpose of this step is to nourish your skin and give it that extra touch of balance and hydration to ensure the most effective and noticeable results.


We recommend the SPA Nourishing Oil as it combines an array of exotic oils (argan, coconut, hemp, and rosa canina), powerful vitamins, and plant stem cells to focus in on specific trouble areas and encourage skin healing by preventing moisture loss.

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And just like that, your full-body skincare routine is ready to go. As soon as you feel the difference in your skin, you’ll understand the power of full-body skincare and the beauty of the Lira SPA Line.


However, as powerful as those five steps are, Lira Clinical has also created an array of targeted treatments to both address specific problem areas as well as to bring the spa experience with you wherever you are. Try any of these professional body care treatments and melt into the relaxation that comes with having perfectly healthy skin

At Integrity Skin Clinic we would love to show you what our range of clinical services can do for you!
If you have questions, please feel free to send a message to Client Services or call 07 3849 4111


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