Month: July 2019

Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Understanding the procedure and benefits Fibroblast treatment has many different titles: Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening, Fibroblast wrinkle remover, Fibroblast Plasma Lift, Fibroblast mole remover, etc. They all refer to the same treatment administered with the plasma pen and convey the versatility of this revolutionary technology.   Fibroblast has been widely utilised in Europe; however it …

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apple peel skin

Jessner Skin Peel Explained

One peel can vary from the next depending on skin type, skin goals, and the specific acids used. Initial assumptions are that chemical peels were one-size-fits-all (and likely bound for tragedy). Now there’s so much science involved. It’s all incredibly strategic, which is why it’s imperative to only ever see a qualified practitioner.   Thus, …

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